Top Hair Trends for this season

Top Hair Trends for this season

We’ve all been bored being locked in for the past year and what I’ve seen since we reopened the salon in April is a burst of creativity with everyone looking for a new style. It’s probably the most exciting time to be a hairdresser in the 20 years I’ve been doing it; it really is “Anything Goes”.

With colour, the balayage is here to stay. This colouring technique is no longer a trend but has become as a much a staple as highlights. It’s seamless blend means you can get a year out this colour so it was a godsend for most people during lockdown. 

 We’re also seeing vibrant bold colours making a comeback. You just have to look at singers Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa to see how big this craze has become. 

 Men have been glad to see us reopening too as many have avoided the home haircut disasters and have embraced their longer locks with younger guys going for the 90’s curtains and others growing it out and embracing the man-bun.

Lockdown was also a chance for ladies to ditch their colour and embrace their greys which has been liberating for most

5 Must have haircuts for Summer

1. Layers

Layers are back ! Yep, we’re talking 90’s layers, from textured long hair to a more modern Rachel from friends, layering is here to stay.  For far too long it’s been all long Kardashian style hair so it’s great to see some movement and texture back, layers are definitely here to stay. 

2. French Bob

This timeless blunt cut is making a massive comeback; it’s classic, chic and is very versatile. It can be worn straight, wavy, or with wet-look. Works beautifully with or without fringe . A French Bob is typically shorter than other bobs, think cheekbone to chin length and cut very blunt.

3. Bangs

Think Bridget Bardot, this 70’s style ‘peek-a-boo’ fringe is the style of 2021, when cut correctly this fringe can transform a haircut and suits nearly all face shapes.It’s also super versatile can be swept to side, parted in middle or flicked out. 

4.Curly Shag Cut

More 70’s vibes, this is usually worn wavy or really textured, has really short layers and big heavy bangs.This is definitely for the more adventurous but cut correctly can revamp your whole look.

5. The Mullet

Who would’ve thought that the Mullet would make a comeback? 2021 has seen both men and women embrace this divisive 80’s classic. My advice is this is only for the more fashion conscious and has to be worn with confidence. Not for the meek. 

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