Catch up with ROE

Catch up with ROE

We caught up with ROE this week, a beautiful Singer Songwriter from Derry to see what she’s been getting up to during lockdown

What inspired you to get into Music ?

My dad has always been really into music, so from a young age I grew up around bands like U2 and Thin Lizzy blasting in the house. He took me to a lot of big concerts when I was growing up and I took cello and piano lessons so I’ve always had a love for it. It wasn’t until 5th year that I decided on music as a career, I was sat in school trying to choose what I wanted to do for A-levels, when it became apparent that I couldn’t see myself going to university or doing anything else but music. It was terrifying to veer off from the usual academic path but completely worth it to be where I am today.

Is there a story behind your ‘stage name’ ?

My stage name has actually turned into what people called me now haha. ROE is just short for Roisin. I thought it was a sure fire way to solve the Raw-sheen/Row-sheen mix up that happens all the time but it really hasn’t. 

Have you been working on anything during lockdown ?

Me and my boyfriend have just been working on making a really dope livestream set-up from home, other than that I’ve been on again off again working on songs for my album, some weeks are just more productive than others. I’m also working on a new project that I’m hoping to bring to light soon.

ROE is a regular in the Atelier Spotify playlist, get a listen here

Has quarantine effected your music plans ?

I was supposed to be headlining my first festival last month and heading off to play a lot of different countries over summer, so it’s sad that that’s not happening right now but hopefully it’ll all be rescheduled. I’m trying to lean into doing online shows as much as possible because it seems like that’s the way it’ll have to be for a while. It’s been fun trying to work out this new challenge but on the days where I’m supposed to be gigging it feels weird to be home. 

Redbull recently did a documentary on ROE for their segment ‘Story Tellers’, this is sure to be amazing and will be released on MAY 18th (see more here) videoed by Sean Mullan, check out his instagram for more amazing projects @seanpatrickmullan

What are your plans for after lockdown ?

Get my hair cut at Atelier Hair!

I haven’t had long hair in 8 years but I feel like it’s getting there, I can’t wait to get back to Atelier. Other than that, go to Bennigan’s for a pint and play as many shows as I can when it’s safe to. 

We’ll see you there !

What have you been getting up to during lockdown ?

I’ve started doing Yoga (w/ YogawithAdrienne on YouTube) and exercising more than I did before lockdown, I feel like it’s been helping my head during all of this. I’ve been baking a lot and playing Animal Crossing on my switch when I’m not doing musical stuff. An upside to all of this for me is being at home without having to travel anywhere for a while, it’s been nice being able to chill and have family time. 

Follow ROE on Instagram at @roemusic for live sets and day to day life in lockdown

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